The President hosted a Book Fest on 15 June to celebrate the range of recent books from Senior Members of College.

On 15 June members of the SCR met in the President's Lodgings to discuss their most recent publications. Each author spoke for ten minutes about their work, followed by questions and discussion before supper.

The publications featured were: 

Petrarch bookDr Jennifer Rushworth:

  • Discourses of Mourning in Dante, Petrarch and Proust (OUP)
  • Petrarch and the Literary Culture of 19th-century France (DS Brewer)

Dr Catherine Whistler:       

  • Baroque & Later Paintings in the Ashmolean Museum (Modern Art Press)
  • Venice & Drawing (Yale)
  • Raphael: The Drawings exh cat (Ashmolean Museum)

Professor Linda McDowell:       

  • Migrant Women’s Voices: Talking About Life and Work in the UK Since 1945 (Bloomsbury Academic)

Raphael bookProfessor Maggie Snowling

  • Co-Ed: Rutter’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 6th ed (Wiley-Blackwell)

Dr Katherine Southwood:

  • Marriage by Capture in the Book of Judges. An Anthropological Approach (CUP)
  • Women and Exile: Conceptualizations of Women During and After the Exile (Bloomsbury)

Edward Love

  • Code-Switching With the Gods   (De Gruyter) 

Migrant women bookProfessor Mohamed-Salah Omri

  • Confluency (Tarafud) Between Trade Unionism, Culture and Revolution in Tunisia (Nathanael Mannone)
  • Ed.: University and Society Within the Context of Arab Revolutions and New Humanism (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)

Dr Malcolm Davies:

  • The Aethiopis. Neo-neoanalysis Reanalyzed (Harvard University Press)

Professor Zoltán Molnár:

  • contribution to: Prenatal and Postnatal Determinants of Development (Humana Press)

Professor Mark Freedland:

  • contribution to: Research Handbook on EU Labour Law (Edward Elgar)
  • contribution to: Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era (Bloomsbury)