The Sherrington Prize for outstanding achievement in the MSc in Neuroscience (2013-14) has been awarded to Dr Alexandru Calin at St John's College.

Alexandru CalinThe Sherrington prize was first awarded in September 2007 to recognise high-achieving candidates. 
Alexandru said ‘I am greatly honoured to have been awarded the Sherrington Prize in Neuroscience for graduating top of the class. To me, this award represents not only a prestigious research accolade and a highly gratifying token of recognition but also a responsibility to maximise the public benefits that result from my continuing scientific endeavours. I am currently focusing my efforts on investigating epilepsy – one of the most common neurological conditions, affecting more than 65 million people worldwide and imposing a considerable burden on both individuals and society. Any progress in developing better therapeutic strategies for treating this disorder could significantly reduce the impact of epilepsy on quality of life, and I am very happy to have the chance to contribute to this undertaking.’