Congratulations to Dr Martine Abboud (2017, DPhil), Junior Research Fellow in Chemical Biology at the Department of Chemistry.

Dr Martine Abboud's chemistry research has advanced understanding of how bacteria develop resistance to the most commonly used type of antibiotics, and how scientists might design new drugs to target resistant bacteria. Next, she's turning her attention to the metabolic enzymes involved in cancer. Forbes 30 Under 30, 2019 Europe, Science & Healthcare category

Dr Martine Abboud

" As a first-generation graduate, I'm incredibly proud of this recognition. No words can explain how I feel. Forbes Under 30 is a badge that I will proudly wear for the rest of my life! Oxford has provided me with opportunities I never dreamed I would be lucky enough to have... By working hard and taking advantage of the available resources, mentorships, and expertise, I have immensely developed as a scientist and grown as a human being. In my turn, I loved to contribute back to college via the St John's Inspire Programme, going to state schools and encouraging students to join. Nothing feels as good as giving back. "