St John’s welcomes 997 pupils to the Inspire Programme for Years 10 and 11

Date 9 December 2020

We are very excited to welcome a total of 997 pupils from 141 non-selective state schools onto the Inspire Programme for Years 10 and 11 this year!

This is an increase of over 400 pupils from last year, and makes for our largest cohort yet on this course. Year 10 pupils make up a greater proportion of the course, with 625 Year 10s registered and 372 Year 11s.

This course is open to pupils at non-selective state schools across the UK, and we’re excited to have representation from 54 local authorities across all regions of England on the course, including a few pupils from Wales! You can see a breakdown of where this year’s course participants come from below:

Y1011registrations.png Pupils registered on the Year 10 and 11 Inspire Programme

On 14 December, we will welcome all 997 pupils to the programme with a brief introduction to this year’s course: Why does evolution matter?

We’ve been hard at work preparing class materials for the course. Over the next few months, we will be sending these class materials directly to pupils enrolled on the course according to the schedule below:

Class 1: Biology and Darwinian evolutionInspire Y11 2019

Subjects covered: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Maths
Release date: 4 January 2021
Competition deadline: 1 February 2021

Class 2: Evolution as a metaphor

Subjects covered: English, Linguistics, Literature, Modern Languages
Release date: 1 February 2021
Competition deadline: 1 March 2021

Class 3: Evolution, science and technology

Subjects covered: Engineering, Maths, Medicine, Physics, Psychology
Release date: 1 March 2021
Competition deadline: 29 March 2021

Class 4: Culture and history through the lens of evolution

Subjects covered: Classics, Economics, History, Music, Philosophy, Poetry, Theology
Release date: 29 March 2021
Competition deadline: 26 April 2021

We will also be posting all class materials, competition details and summer school information on the Year 10 and 11 section of the Inspire Digital website, so parents and teachers can also keep up to date with the course.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any questions about the programme!