As Trinity Term draws toward its close, we are beginning to look ahead to the next academic year, and to welcoming a new group of incoming students to St John’s.

Support for offer holdersThis is unfortunately a very stressful time for our offer holders, many of whom have had significantly reduced schooling over the past few months and have not had the chance to sit exams due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. We want to do our best to support these students as they prepare to begin their Oxford course in the autumn.

For this purpose, our tutors have put together some voluntary reading and other work so that offer holders have a chance to get a flavour of their subject before beginning their course. In addition to academic preparation, this support also includes information and guidance about developing study skills, student life at Oxford, managing the costs of university and more. We will be in touch with offer-holders directly today to pass along this information; you can see the main library of support pages on Inspire Digital here.

A number of questions remain about how exactly continued social distancing measures will be effecting our incoming students, and while we do not have all the answers yet, you can stay up-to-date via the University’s central advice for offer-holders page, as well as its Michaelmas 2020 page.

In the meantime, we welcome you to take a virtual tour of St John’s with Agnes the Access Lamb here.