Many congratulations to Susan Kellaway and Mingyu Zhu, this year's joint winners.

The Mapleton-Bree Prize is awarded annually for a piece of creative work by any Junior Member of St John's. For a second year in a row, the high calibre of entrants was reflected by the fact that the judges awarded two winners in addition to one commendation across a range of creative mediums.

Out of a brilliant and diverse selection of works, the judges chose three outstanding pieces. The joint winners are Susan Kellaway and Mingyu Zhu, and Khadijah Ali was given a very strong commendation.

image001 Mingyu Zhu's calligraphy submission

Mingyu Zhu's graceful calligraphy features the celebrated text of Li Bai's poem, 'Here Comes the Wine'. The judges wrote of her work: 'Mingyu Zhu demonstrates an impressive command of the art of calligraphy with intricate and beautiful brushwork that also resonates with the landscape she has selected as a setting for her rhythmic characters.'

Mingyu has provided a translation of the poem:

Here Comes the Wine by Li Bai

Have thou not seen the water of the yellow river pouring from the sky

Drowning into the sea without a halt?

Have thou not seen how the white hair of thy parents sighs

Now snowy at dusk, but was like charcoal at dawn?

Enjoy the moment as life is now.

Don’t let the glass shine under the moon wine without.

The universe has led us into the world for a reason.

The wealth and fortune we lost will return in a season.

Merrily shall we let the beef and lamb roast

For we will make three hundred rounds of toast.

Maestro Qin and my friend Danqiu,

here comes the wine, let it flow with you.

I long to sing a song.

Please could I ask for all your ears too?

The grandeur music or exuberant jewels aren’t the most yearned for.

Me, I don’t wish to be sober evermore.

Since centuries the great minds are oft cast alone and not adored.

Only the drunkards are prosed in the lore.

Prince Si of Chen held feasts so often.

With wine so much the guests might drink till crouched.

Why have you complained about the lack of coins?

Use what’s left to fill the bottle and pouch.

My horse and fur that are worth a thousand,

Let the servant come and take them to trade for the wine.

On it we shall drift away from our thoughts and

The perpetual sorrow and desolation herein.

Image Painted submission from Susan Kellaway, ‘Bull’s Eye’

Susan Kellaway's layered painted work, impressed the judges. They commented: 'Susan Kellaway’s painting is ambitious in its scale and expressive intent: her own distinctive gestures and ideas emerge strongly as she draws on contemporary visual art to create an innovative and thought-provoking work'.

Image (1) Khadija Ali, ‘Harmonica to the Birds’

The judges wanted to ensure that Khadija Ali's ‘Harmonica to the Birds’ received commendation. They said: 'Khadijah Ali’s photographic piece is beautifully composed, with striking contrasts of tone in the delicacy of the seascape and the strong accents of the figure group. Yet the patterns created by the flock of birds have real immediacy.  It is also an enigmatic and rather haunting image'.

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all students who submitted. We can't wait to see what our students come up with next year!