On Saturday 6th October St John's College hosted a Theology Study Day for nine students from a variety of backgrounds
Theology Study Day

The Theology Study Day offered A level students interested in reading Theology at university an insight into the Oxford course.

The day focused on biblical studies and religious literacy,  with an induction to ancient Semitic languages. The students especially seemed to enjoy learning the Hebrew alphabet intensively: we worked together and in larger groups and by the end of an hour they had all memorised and could identify the characters. This language-focused activity was designed to illustrate to the students how learning ancient languages in other scripts, from scratch, is achievable and accessible given the correct support. 

The focus on languages and texts was enriched by looking at a variety of manuscripts, including a 16th century polyglot edition of the Psalms, in St John’s old Laudian library. The atmosphere was informal and there was plenty of time for questions. Many enjoyed attempting to make Ugaritic inscriptions on clay, although it was a bit messy!

Those who attended were given material in the form of study packs to build on, develop, and consolidate what they had learned in the day. Undergraduates and graduates in the college theology cohort also kindly gave the A-Level students a guided tour of the college, despite the pouring rain.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out.

Theology Study Day October 2018