Every year in Trinity Term the College invites a professional artist to be our artist-in-residence. This year we are delighted to host Edward Thomasson.

artist in residence Edward Thomasson 2017Edward is an early-career artist, based in London, whose work crosses boundaries between visual and performance arts and is based around storytelling via video and performance. He works with groups of trained and untrained performers to make videos and plays that explore how performance is used to navigate personal, interpersonal and occupational problems. 

Specifically looking at how the act of storytelling is used as a way to understand environments and exchange experiences, Thomasson’s work draws on the language of musical theatre and its affective engagement with the audience to navigate the space between interior experience and exterior presentations of the self within social contexts. Pictured here is a work entitled Other people, ink and watercolour on paper, 2016.

During his residency Edward will be developing a new live work, in conjunction with students, that will be presented in College on Thursday 1 June

Edward also works collaboratively with Lucy Beech on live works. The making of these performances punctuates his independent projects. These choreographed group activities refer to therapeutic games, and often involve the live collective construction of sound. Edward and Lucy's work is currently showing at Tate Britain in London (to 18 June), as part of Art Now, a series of exhibitions focusing on new and recent work by emerging artists. Find out more about the exhibition here.

Edward Thomasson