Sir C. Richard Catlow

Sir C. Richard Catlow FRS, FRSC

Foreign Secretary, Royal Society Dean, Mathematics and Physical Sciences Faculty, University College London


Formerly Wolfson Professor of Natural Philosophy at the Royal Institution; Professor of Solid State Chemistry and Dean, Mathematics and Physical Sciences Faculty, University College London.

Since November 2016 Professor Catlow has been Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society.

Research Interests

Professor Catlow’s research develops and applies computer models in conjunction with experiment to probe the properties of materials, including their synthesis, structure and properties. By combining computational methods with experiments, he has made considerable contributions to major areas of contemporary materials chemistry and physics, including mineralogy and the study of electronic, energy and catalytic materials.

Professor Catlow currently  has a joint appointment between the Department of Chemistry, UCL and the School of Chemistry, Cardiff University. He has collaborated in Europe, the US, India, China, Japan, Cuba, Africa and Australia and has a particular interest in capacity building programmes in Africa.