Dr Aled Davies

Dr Aled Davies

Stipendiary Lecturer in History


City of London & Social Democracy - Aled Davies

I received my undergraduate degree in History from the University of Exeter, before coming to Oxford for postgraduate study. I have since worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Bristol (2014–17), as a Teaching Associate in International Political Economy at the University of Cambridge (2017–18), and as a Career Development Fellow in Modern History at Jesus College, Oxford (2018–21).

Research Interests

I am an historian of modern capitalism, with a particular interest in the transition that took place in the final third of the twentieth century from a system of ‘managed’ global capitalism to a ‘neoliberal’ political-economic order.

I teach nineteenth and twentieth century British, European and World History.

Recent publications

Neoliberal Age Book Cover_Aled Davies

The City of London and Social Democracy: the political economy of finance in Britain, 1959–1979 (Oxford University Press: 2017)

The Neoliberal Age? Britain since the 1970s (UCL Press, 2021) [edited with Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite & Ben Jackson]

‘Right to Buy: the development of a Conservative housing policy, 1945–80’, Contemporary British History, 27:4 (2013), 421–44

‘‘Everyman a Capitalist’ or ‘Free to Choose’? Exploring the tensions within Thatcherite Individualism’, Historical Journal, 61:2 (2018), 477–501. [with Hugh Pemberton & James Freeman]

‘Pension Funds and the Politics of Ownership in Britain, c. 1970–86’, Twentieth Century British History, 30:1 (2019), 81–107