Dr Malcolm Vale

Formerly Tutor in Modern History and Emeritus Fellow


My research interests lie in the field of Anglo-French history during the later Middle Ages (1250-1500) and the cultural history of northern Europe in the same period. I am particularly concerned with the royal and princely courts of north-west Europe and their culture during the later thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and with the growth of a Burgundian state and culture during the later Middle Ages.

A current major research commitment has been the role of Principal Investigator in an AHRC-funded project to publish the remaining Gascon Rolls (1317-1468) conserved  in the National Archives at Kew. The edition will appear in both online and printed forms. I have also been involved in a seminar on ‘Legalism’ at the St John’s Research Centre which has brought an inter-disciplinary group together, including anthropologists, historians and socio-legal specialists. My interests in cultural history now centre upon the Northern Renaissance and secular life and thought in the period c. 1380-c.1530.