Dr Marlia Mango

Dr Marlia Mango

Emeritus Fellow


I have supervised doctoral theses in a range of subjects in Byzantine archaeology and art, including urban life, communications, trade, relics and cults, icons, medieval sculpture.

Selected Publications

  • 'A Sixth Century Funerary Relief at Dara in Mesopotamia', Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Byzantinistik 24 (1975) 209-27.
  • 'Monophysite Church Decoration' in Iconoclasm, ed. A. Bryer and J. Herrin. Birmingham, 1977, 58-74.
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  • Silver from Early Byzantium. The Kaper Koraon and Related Treasures. Baltimore, Md., 1986
  • With C. Mango, A.C. Evans, M. Hughes, 'A 6th-century Mediterranean bucket from Bromeswell Parish, Suffolk', Antiquity, 63 (1989), 295-311.
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  • 'The archaeological context of finds of silver in and beyond the Eastern Empire' in Acta XIII Congressus Internationalis Archaeologiae Christianae, Split, 25.09-1.10.1994 ed. N. Cambi and E. Marin. Vatican City/Split 1998, 207-252.
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  • 'Hierarchies of Rank and Materials: Diplomatic Gifts sent by Romanus I in 935 and 938', Deltion Christianikes Archaiologikes Hetaireias, 24 (2003) 365-74.
  • Editor, Byzantine Trade, 4th-12th centuries. The archaeology of Local, Regional and International exchange.  Farnham, 2009.

Research Interests

I'm a director of the Oxford Excavation and Survey Project at Andarin/Androna, Syria, a large site in a semi-arid zone, expanded in late antiquity on the eve of the Islamic Arab conquest of the Levant. This project forms part of a more comprehensive study of the region with regard to financial aspects of building and artefactual production including that of books. My other research, within the wider context of the Empire, combines urban history with study of manufacture and trade, particularly of metalwork.