Professor Sir John Kay

Professor Sir John Kay FRSE, FBA

Emeritus Research Fellow


I have been a Fellow of St John's since 1970. After ten years as a tutorial Fellow in Economics I established the Institute for Fiscal Studies, a respected think tank, and later a consultancy business.

Research Interests

My more recent interests have been writing about economics for a popular audience, through a weekly column in the Financial Times and a series of books, of which the most recent have been The Truth about Markets (2003), The Long and the Short of It (2009) and Obliquity (2010).  I have been the College’s Investment Officer for over twenty years and his investment philosophy is expounded in The Long and the Short of It, whose subtitle is ‘finance and investment for normally intelligent people who are not in the industry’. In 2012 I completed a review of the performance of equity markets for the UK government. My most recent book, provisionally entitled Other People’s Money asks ‘what would a financial sector designed to meet the needs of the non-financial economy look like?’ which was published in 2015.