Professor Paul Tod

Professor Paul Tod

Emeritus Research Fellow in Mathematics



I am recently retired as the College's Applied Maths Tutor, giving tutorials in physical applied mathematics such as mechanics, waves and diffusion, quantum mechanics and special relativity, also in central subjects like differential equations and in pure subjects like differential or projective geometry, and lecturing on the same subjects.

I am co-author of two books at the level of graduates or advanced undergraduates, based on lecture courses which I have given in general relativity and in twistor theory.

Research Interests

As an Emeritus Research Fellow I am part of the mathematical physics group in the Mathematical Institute. My research continues to be in various branches of differential geometry, particularly where it meets physics in Einstein's theory of general relativity. I was a D.Phil. student of Sir Roger Penrose and have worked extensively on twistor theory and on Penrose's Conformal Cyclic Cosmology.