St John's College Oxford

The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Hamblen, (Sir Nicholas Hamblen) Q.C., P.C.

Alumnus and member of the Privy Council


Nicholas (Nick) Hamblen was an undergraduate in law at the College (matriculated in 1976).

After a very distinguished student career at St.John’s, he won a Kennedy Scholarship to Harvard where he read for the LLM. He entered practice as a Barrister in 1981 and practiced in specialised commercial law areas (such as shipping and insurance), taking silk in 1997. He became an Assistant Recorder in 1999, a Recorder in 2000 and a High Court judge in 2008. He joined the Court of Appeal in 2015 and was appointed to the Privy Council in April last year.

The Court of Appeal is the second-most senior court in England and Wales, and consists of some 38 judges (the most senior court in the UK is the Supreme Court with 11 justices). The Court of Appeal hears appeals on all types of case, criminal and civil, public and private. Unlike the Supreme Court, there is generally a right of appeal to the Court of Appeal and so the case-load for judges is very considerable.