Find out what we offer and how to book for a visit to St John's College here.

At St John’s, we offer visiting non-selective state schools in our link regions a full day of talks, workshops and activities for all pupils in Years 9 – 13. 

A typical visit to St John’s will run from 10:30-15:30, including lunch in Hall, and will be planned in consultation with the school. Whilst there are staple items that are included in every visit, we want to provide the experience and knowledge that will be most beneficial to your school and your pupils and can be flexible on sessions and timings.

A Typical Day


  • 10:30 Arrival
  • 10:45 Oxford Explained presentation: This talk focuses on introducing pupils to the University of Oxford, the courses and societies it has to offer and the application process. It includes information on financial support available at the University, the practicalities of picking a course and a college, and illustrates practical ways in which pupils can engage with their subjects outside the classroom. For younger years, we also introduce the idea of higher education more broadly.
  • 12:00 Lunch: A free lunch is provided to visiting pupils and teachers in our hall, alongside current St John's Students.
  • 12:45 Tour of St John's
  • 13:15 A Q&A with current St John's undergraduate students: This session will give your pupils the opportunity to quiz our undergraduates about university life and their application experiences.
  • 13:45 Afternoon Session (find out more below)
  • 15:30 Departure

We end each day with a feedback and evaluation session.

Afternoon Activities

For afternoon activities, you have a choice of one of the following:

Museum Visit

Academic Taster Sessions

Give your students a sample of University learning with an Academic Taster Session. All are delivered by subject-specialists and the perfect way to build critical thinking skills.

If you are bringing a group with diverse interests, there may be occasions where we can split the group to offer sessions that match their interests. This is not guaranteed; please indicate in the booking form if this would appeal. 

Admissions and Academic Skills Workshops

Personal Statements Workshop

  • Suitable for Y12/13
  • Focuses on equipping pupils for writing excellent personal statements.

Interview Workshop

  • Suitable for Y10-13
  • This offers students an introduction to Oxford Interviews, and a chance to engage with some 'big question' interview topics.

Second College Tour

If your priorities are not fully covered by our choice of sessions, please get in contact with us. In certain cases, we may also be able to arrange visits to departments.

How to book

Please book your visit by e-mailing Please indicate the number of students you would like to bring (note, our usual cap is 30), the afternoon session you would like, and a suggested date or period in which you would like to visit.

Travel Support

We are aware that some schools are forced to pass the cost of a visit on to their pupils, particularly when an external coach is hired. In such instances St John’s is pleased to able to offer a limited amount of support to individual students who would otherwise be unable to attend one of our Access Visits. This may include recipients of pupil premium, young carers, refugees or cases where the school is aware of challenging financial circumstances.

Please consider whether other funding support options have been exhausted before applying so that we can ensure that our funds are available to those with the greatest need.

For eligible pupils, support will be paid to the school at the same rate that the other students are paying to come on the trip.

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