The winners for 2022 have been announced on the theme of 'Community'

We’re delighted to announce the winners of this year’s St John’s Photo Competition! We received over 60 entries from across the college community, eloquently capturing the many aspects of community within and outside of St John's.

The entries were judged blind by Robert Taylor, the award-winning portrait photographer behind this year’s Celebrating Diversity exhibition, Dr Georgy Kantor, Keeper of the Pictures, and Professor Hannah Skoda, Keeper of the Silver, as well as members of the Communications Team.

The theme for this year’s competition was ‘Community’, and the judges were intrigued at the different ways this was interpreted by the photographers. You can view the winners below, along with comments from Head Judge Robert Taylor.

First Prize: Students in their Element, Khadijah Ali

Students_in_their_element.jpeg Khadijah's caption: "One of my favourite things to do in the evening to unwind and feel good is cook a large batch of food for my friends. I love sitting round a big pot to dish out tagine, gnocchi or curry, and seeing a bunch of hungry students dig into a meal, chat for hours on end and stay up into the early hours of the morning. On this particular night, my lovely friend Ellie and I cooked tagine, and this also happened to be the evening I beat my friend in a bet about who could cook for the greatest number of people in one sitting! This photo brings me so much joy and captures rustic, carefree student life of eating from Tupperware and plates we’ve mixed up in the kitchen, drinking homemade cocktails from mugs and jars, and everyone being squashed around my room in a circle of laughter, big grins and full bellies. "

On the first prize winner, Robert commented “there was immediate and enthusiastic agreement about this joyful, authentic representation of an important aspect of student life. Those gathered would surely have immediately returned to the serious business of enjoying each other’s company as soon as the photography was done.”

Second Prize: Glitterball, Khadijah Ali

Glitterball.jpeg Khadijah's caption: "There are many communities in St John’s and the university as a whole. One of these in the LGBTQ community, and in this photo are the members of the glitterball committee."

This photo of our Glitterball Committee in front of the Radcliffe Camera took second place. Robert said “this very specific interpretation of the theme appealed for the strength and certainty of the composition, together with the way it captured the evident pleasure taken in being out and proud together.”

Third Prize: Women in STEM, Sara Dragutinovic

Sara Dragotuvic.jpg

A slightly different take on the theme, Robert says “this deceptively simple image rewards a second glance with its delightfully whimsical take on the theme of community, hinting at all sorts of possibilities.”

You can view a selection of the entries below. Thank you to all of the photographers and to our judges for participating. We’ll look forward to seeing you all for the competition again next year!

SJC Photo Competition Entries 2022