Dr Priyanka Dhopade is elected one of the Top 50 Women in Engineering

Date 26 June 2017

Congratulations to Dr Priyanka Dhopade, Stipendiary Lecturer in Engineering at St John's, who has been chosen by the Women’s Engineering Society as one of 2017’s Top 50 Women in Engineering under the age of 35.

The list features the UK’s top rising female stars of engineering, chosen from more than 500 nominations.

Dr Priyanka DhopadeDr Dhopade’s research, based at the Osney Thermofluids Laboratory, involves creating computer models of jet engines to better predict the heat transfer inside the engine. Jet engines are designed to work at extremely high temperatures, pressures and accelerations. At some points in the engine, the temperature of the air can be greater than the melting point of the parts inside, which means that they need to be cooled using cold air from the front half of the engine. More efficient cooling methods result in more efficient jet engines, reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions, so the impact of this research on aviation's environmental cost could be significant. Rolls Royce, which provides funding for the research, is already implementing the results in its next generation of jet engines. 

Dr Dhopade recently organised a community outreach event to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day (23 June). During the event, girl science pupils aged 13-15 from across Oxfordshire had the opportunity to meet and learn from established industry leaders over afternoon tea at St John’s. 

Dr Priyanka Dhopade
Women's Engineering Society