On 25–27 September 2023, St John’s hosted a high-profile conference to mark Professor Simon Whittaker’s retirement and to honour his scholarship in the field of comparative law.

Simon Whittaker retirement conference

The organisers of the conference, Dr Marco Cappelletti (Lecturer in Law at St John’s), Professor Ciara Kennefick (Christ Church), and Professor Dorota Leczykiewicz (St Peter’s) gathered leading scholars from all over Europe to present and discuss their work, displaying the comparative law scholarship which has benefited from or coincides with Professor Whittaker’s contribution to the field.

Contributors and other participants included distinguished scholars such as Hugh Beale, John Bell, Jean-Sébastien Borghetti, John Cartwright, Sergio Cámara Lapuente, Matthew Dyson, Michele Graziadei, Birke Häcker, Yves-Marie Laithier, Ben McFarlane, Donal Nolan, Barbara Pozzo, Solène Rowan, Pietro Sirena, Sandy Steel, and Robert Stevens.

The conference was a great success, with lively discussions and fruitful exchanges of views. The papers will be revised and published during 2024. The volume is intended to become a reference point in the field of comparative private law for years to come.