St John's College Oxford
St John's provides financial support for both graduates and undergraduates through grants, scholarships and prizes.

Graduate funding

There is comprehensive information on financial support and grants available for current graduate students under Financial support for graduates. Information for prospective graduate students is available on the Graduate finance page. 

Undergraduate funding

Download a summary of University-wide Sources of funding for current students.

Major funding

The James Scholarship
At St John's, The Ioan and Rosemary James Scholarship supports international undergraduates in financial need from developing countries. The scholarship covers University and College fees, and a living cost grant as well as one return airfare per year. All applicants must apply to the University and be offered a place for undergraduate study at St John’s for undergraduate study before their application can be considered. St John’s offer-holders in all subjects are eligible to apply but preference may be given to offer-holders in Mathematics before awards are considered in other subjects. To apply, follow the guidance and fill in the application form for REACH Oxford scholarships on the main University website. A number of REACH Oxford scholarships (formerly Oxford Student Scholarships) are offered to students from low-income countries who, for political or financial reasons, or because suitable educational facilities do not exist, cannot study for a degree in their own countries.

Oxford Bursaries
Oxford Bursaries are available for Home students from lower income households. Eligible students are entitled to up to £4,500 in their first year and up to £3,300 in subsequent years of their course.  If you are entitled to an award you will be sent a notification letter by Student Funding Services.

Moritz-Heyman Scholarships
Moritz-Heyman Scholarships provide funding additional to Oxford Opportunity Bursaries, and also opportunities to take part in other activities, for some Home students from the lowest income households. There is no need to apply. Some selected new first-year students will be offered a Scholarship from mid-September each year.

Access to Learning Fund (includes PGCE & 2BM)
Financial assistance is available for Home students who face difficulty in meeting their living costs. It cannot be used to help meet tuition fees. Students will be assumed to be in receipt of their maximum student loan entitlement. Download the Access to Learning Fund application form and guidance notes or collect a form from the Finance Bursar's Secretary, Lynne Rudman. You can also email 

Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust Bursaries
For UK undergraduates who are closely related to a commercial traveller, chemist or grocer. Full eligibility details and application forms are available on the Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust website. 

Smaller grants and prizes

Academic Grants
Undergraduate students of the College are entitled to apply for help towards the purchase of approved books, materials, and other items of an academic nature, up to about £325 a year. The grant may be used towards the purchase of portable computing devices, monitors, desktop computers, computer software or memory/hard-disk upgrades, and peripherals. Other items will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The College will not reimburse the costs of phone or data services or maintenance contracts for items purchased.

It would be prudent, wherever possible, to consult your tutor in advance to determine whether a projected purchase is needed for your academic work. Completed copies of the Academic Grant application form must be received in room 23 of the Bursary during 8th week of term. Grants are credited on the subsequent term's battels. 

Vacation Grants
The College may, at its discretion, make grants to undergraduates for the purpose of examinations, vacation study or some College events such as helping at Open Days. These grants are at the daily rate for a Grade A+ room. Vacation Grants are made for sitting a University examination or for a programme of study - normally recommended and approved by a Tutor - or for a College event on the recommendation of the Senior Dean.

Undergraduate students may apply for up to 21 days Vacation Grant for approved study purposes during each year of their course. Unused days from a year may be carried forward until the end of Trinity full term of the last year of your course. Grants awarded for days on which the student is taking University exams or is required to stay in Oxford for the purpose of doing so, or for special College purposes, do not count against this quota.

If you are living in College, your application for a Vacation Grant should be made when you fill in the Vacation Residence application form. If you are living out of College but in approved accommodation you can still apply for a Vacation Grant using the same form.

Hardship Grants (University)
These grants are for students who experience financial hardship as a result of unforeseen circumstances. Download the University Hardship Fund application form and Guidance Notes.

Hardship Grants (College)
These grants are for financial hardship as a result of unforeseen circumstances. Download a College Hardship Grant application form, to be submitted to the Senior Dean at any time. Students who are concerned about financial hardship may wish to discuss their circumstances with the Senior Dean before submitting a form.

Special Grants
Special Grants are for help towards travel and subsistence for purposes of an academic nature, not necessarily of direct relevance to the student's course. Completed copies of the Undergraduate Special Grant application form must be submitted to the College Office by 12 noon on Friday of Week 5 in Michaelmas Term and Fridays of Weeks 0 and 5 in Hilary and Trinity Terms. Guidance notes for completing the application form can be seen here. Please note that retrospective applications are not accepted. 

Blues Squad Grants
The College pays grants of up to £250 per year to cover the costs incurred by students through membership of university representative team squads. Claims are made on a Blues Grant application form which after completion should be accompanied by receipts, countersigned by an official of the relevant university sports club, and submitted to the Sports Officer.

Mapleton-Bree Prize for work in the Creative Arts
The College will offer a prize of up to £300, which may be shared if deemed appropriate by the judges, for original work in any branch of creative art (drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry, music, photography, etc.).  If there is no entry of adequate standard there will be no award.
All junior members, whether graduates or undergraduates, may compete and the entries will be judged by a Committee consisting of both junior members and senior members of the College. Competitors should send in one example of work done during the previous twelve months. Entries are considered in Trinity Term each year and should be sent to the President's Secretary not later than the end of the third week of Trinity Term.

Alister Sutherland Award
This award is for a journey in the high mountains. Applications are invited for this award which has been instituted as a result of a generous gift from Dr Gillian Sutherland in memory of Alister Sutherland, distinguished economist, who read Politics, Philosophy and Economics at St John's. The award, up to £350, will be made annually to an undergraduate or graduate member of St John's who presents the most imaginative and best planned proposal for a journey in the high mountains, preferably (but not necessarily) in mountainous regions where the summits exceed 3000 metres in height. The purpose is to encourage the discovery and the enjoyment of the high mountains.
Applications are considered in Hilary Term each year and should be sent to the President's Secretary not later than the end of the third week of Hilary Term.

Hans Michael Caspari UN Travel Grant
This grant is for studies in the field of International Relations. It was established through the generous gift of the late Professor Sir Fritz Caspari and his wife, in memory of their eldest son Hans Michael, who like his father and brother, attended St John's. The award, of up to £700, will be made annually to an undergraduate or graduate member of St John's to assist them to travel to Bonn, New York, Geneva, Vienna or one of the other seats of the UN or more generally to the seats of other international organisations, in order to further their study of International Relations.
Applications, in the form of a letter of no more than two pages with a separate CV and marks if available, should be sent to the College Office by Friday of 1st Week of Hilary Term and will be awarded in time for travel during the Easter or Long Vacations.

Burke Knapp Travel Grant
This scholarship is for students in pursuit of development issues in the Third World/Emerging Economies. Applications are invited for this travel fund, which has been established through the generous gift of the late Mr Joseph Burke Knapp, Honorary Fellow of St John's College. The award, of up to £700, will be made annually to an undergraduate or graduate member of St John's to cover travel and related expenses in pursuit of development issues in the Third World/Emerging Economies. Applications should be made to the College Office by Friday of 1st Week of Hilary Term and will be awarded in time for travel during the Easter or Long Vacations.


Choral Scholarships
Each year, up to eight Choral Scholars are elected after auditions in Hilary term.  Choral awards are open to women and men who are matriculated members of St John’s reading any subject, both graduates and undergraduates, who are able to demonstrate musical excellence and willingness to play a responsible role in the choir, both in terms of administration and encouragement of others.

Choral scholars are expected to have good sight-reading, the ability to lead their section and competence to sing solos when required.  The responsibilities include attendance at all services sung by the choir and the preceding rehearsals (a commitment of around six hours per week) and charge of the chapel music library.

In return, the college offers an award of £300 per annum, plus up to £360 per annum for singing lessons to its choral scholars, plus a modest fee per service, in addition to the opportunity to sing at notable college feasts, to tour and to give concerts with the choir.