The Women's Network was launched in College on 1 November, at a lunch attended by alumnae and existing Senior and Junior members of College.
Women's Network launch 1 Nov 17

The assembled company gathered in Kendrew Quad to celebrate the launch of the Women's Network, which aims to celebrate and support St John’s College women by bringing together current students, fellows, staff and alumnae from across the world. Building on the success of the 2000 Women celebrations, the Network will further women’s engagement with the College, and  support their education, well-being and life opportunities.

The Chair of the Network, Robin Gorna, who matriculated in 1984, spoke about the importance of a supportive body such as this in these challenging times. She outlined the core values which the College holds dear and which the Women's Network shares in formulating its activities. First are inclusivity and diversity, making it possible for anyone to benefit from the unique education Oxford can provide. Secondly, collaboration and sociability, both formal and informal, at which women often excel, and thirdly inspiration and achievement, so women can be inspired by role models, and each other, to fulfil their potential. Finally, she spoke of empowerment and support, giving women the space to unleash their talents and to support each other in pursuit of their goals.

Women's Network Logo

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