Dr  Christoph Bachhuber

Dr Christoph Bachhuber

Stipendiary Lecturer in Archaeology


Before joining St. John’s in 2017 I taught at Keble, the Freie Universität Berlin, and Brown University. In Oxford I teach for several undergraduate degrees including Archaeology and Anthropology, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Classics, and Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Most of my teaching focuses on the material culture and societies of the ancient Near East (pre-Hellenistic) and Aegean Prehistory, as well as on archaeological method and theory.

Research Interests

Christopher Bachhuber: Citadel and Cemetery in Early Bronze Age AntaoliaI am currently working on two projects related to the archaeology of Turkey: one as co-director of a regional survey and the other towards a book manuscript. The ‘Konya Regional Archaeological Survey Project’ includes longue durée and landscape-oriented approaches to illuminate a number of historical trends, including the earliest cities and states in the Konya Plain (Bronze Age and Iron Age), and a succession of imperial interventions in the region, beginning with the Hittites. We are also developing ethnographic methodologies to understand how people who live in the region today inhabit these archaeological landscapes.

The book project is titled ‘The Hittites: Archaeology and Historical Explanation’. Some of the methodological and interpretive issues I raised  in my 2015 monograph on the Early Bronze Age in Anatolia (see link and image below) are relevant to this study of the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age Hittites. But this project places greater emphasis on the narratives of Hittitology and Anatolianist archaeology, with the aim of locating ‘the Hittites’ in local, national and global discourses around the archaeology of Turkey today.