Dr Ian Klinke

Dr Ian Klinke

Tutorial Fellow in Human Geography




I am responsible for human geography teaching at St John’s. I also lecture at the School of Geography and the Environment, where I hold an Associate Professorship.

Research Interests

Situated within political geography, my work focuses on three interrelated areas: the tradition of German geopolitics, the legacy of the Cold War and the geographies of European (dis)union. My research poses both historical and contemporary questions. It combines an interest in critical social theory with multi-method empirical work, including archival research, interviews and intellectual history.

My current project explores Cold War nuclear landscapes in West Germany, which I read through the prism of geo- and biopolitics. I have recently completed a monograph entitled 'Cryptic concrete: A subterranean journey into Cold War Germany'. Further information about my research and published work can be found on my departmental home web page.