Professor Georg Gottlob

Professor Georg Gottlob FRS

Professorial Fellow in Informatics


I currently teach reading courses for doctoral students on information systems, theoretical Computer Science, and Web data-processing. Previously, I used to teach the graduate course: “Theory of Data and Knowledge Bases”. I love supervising doctoral students and preparing them for a research career. At the College level, I act as advisor for graduate students.

Research Interests

My research deals with algorithms and complexity of problems in the following areas: Graph theory, databases, query languages, semi-structured data, constraint satisfaction, games and auctions, structural problem decompositions, knowledge representation and reasoning, AI, and computational logic. I am, moreover, interested in both theoretical and practical aspects of web data extraction. I am currently the Principal Investigator of the DIADEM project which aims to automatically extract structured data from websites of specific application domains. In the context of this project, we are, for example, building a system that can automatically navigate real-estate websites, extract all the properties for sale or for rent, and load the data into a database. Similar systems for other application domains will follow.