Professor Jason Schnell

Professor Jason Schnell

Tutorial Fellow in Biochemistry


I joined St. John’s College as the Tutorial Fellow in Biochemistry in Michaelmas Term 2009. In addition to tutoring Biochemists I provide tutorials in biochemistry to the first year Biologists, Biomedical Scientists, and pre-clinical Medics at St. John’s. For the Department of Biochemistry I provide a lecture series in Protein Structure and Chemistry to all first year Biochemists and Biomedical Scientists and another series on Biomolecular NMR to third year Biochemists.

Research Interests

Broadly, the interests of my research group are centered on understanding how the structures and other physical properties of proteins give rise to their function. We work primarily with proteins that are embedded in the lipid bilayers of cell walls. Examples of some of the ongoing research include seeking to understand (i) how the protein and lipid interactions of the matrix protein 2 from the influenza virus facilitates viral budding and scission, (ii) how the human Sigma-1 Receptor binds to and is regulated by small molecules, and (iii) how the DP1/reticulon family of proteins gives rise to the tubular structure of the endoplasmic reticulon.

For further information, visit my departmental research group webpage.