A well-rounded intellectual training with particular emphasis on the basic science research that underpins medicine.

Average intake: 6

  • The University of Oxford's Medical Sciences Division is one of the largest biomedical research centres in Europe, with over 2,500 people involved in research and more than 2,800 students. The University is rated the best in the world for medicine (The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-17), and it is home to the UK’s top-ranked medical school.
  • The course has an unashamedly scientific bent, especially during the pre-clinical years. This includes a third year spent conducting research and analysing the scientific literature to gain a greater understanding of a particular area. We feel this approach ultimately produces not only the best clinicians, but also those who will go on to be leaders in their respective fields.
  • Preclinical students are supported to remain at St John’s for their clinical studies and receive teaching from Dr Rohan Wijesurendra (a Cardiologist), Mr Justin Wormald (Plastic Surgeon) and Professor Jaideep Pandit (Anaesthesia & Critical Care). There is an active clinical medical Torrance Society which organises additional teaching and social events and intensive preparation for finals.
  • Clinical students have a variety of college teaching opportunities at their disposal: teaching as required from Dr Pandit; an annual Torrance Society study day; and numerous pre-finals tutorials.
  • All medical students are automatically members of the Douglas Society, which hosts a termly speaker dinner to promote discussion of medical issues and interaction between the various years. Clinical medical students are also members of the Torrance Society, whose president (along with the clinical tutor) is responsible for co-ordinating the clinical teaching and pastoral issues.
  • St John's offers one of the most generous academic grants of any colleges to its students. In addition there is substantial funding for electives and attending conferences. There is also a scheme for clinical students where they are refunded rent in college accommodation when not in residence. St John's is often able to provide accommodation for all 6 years of the medical course.
  • Given the nature of the course, the vast majority of our students go on to practice medicine. Most tend to stay at the University of Oxford for clinical school and approximately half choose to remain within the Oxford Deanery for Foundation years 1 & 2.

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