St John's and the Colonial Past project explores relationship between College and colonialism

Date 9 June 2020

St John's is now in the middle of a pioneering project exploring connections between the College and colonialism, uncovering benefactions to St John's and the alumni who served in the empire.

The project is also investigating the monuments, objects, pictures and buildings that evoke the colonial past. Research carried out as part of the project will feed into a report and other scholarly publications, and a series of workshops will be held to discuss the findings and to plan responses. The project is being led by Revd Professor William Whyte, alongside Research Associate Dr Mishka Sinha

" The links between Oxbridge and empire were strong and powerful. Their effects can still be felt today. Yet in recent years both colleges and universities have tended to want to forget this. It's our hope that this project will not only uncover the ways in which empire and College were intertwined, but also serve as a model for other colleges to follow as they too come to terms with their history. " Revd Professor William Whyte, Project Director