St John's College Oxford
Find out about fees and living costs, and sources of financial support available to graduate students, including grants.


College fee 
College fees are payable in addition to those of Oxford University. 

College Fee for 2017-18 - £3,021 per year (except MBA course)
College Fee for MBA students, 2017-18 - £3,150 per year

College Continuation fee  £113.75 per term (payable by graduates after the statutory fee period)

University fees 
These vary by course and student status, see the Oxford University Fees and funding pages.

Living costs

College accommodation
Room, depending on grade: £14-18 per day
College flats: £576-842 per month

Fixed charge
For all graduates resident in College: £214 per term.

More information can be found on the Graduate accommodation and Food and drink pages.

Financial support and grants

There is comprehensive information on financial support and grants available for current graduate students at Financial Support for current students. Information for prospective graduate students is available at Graduate scholarships.

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