St John's College Oxford
St John's College is committed to ensuring that, as far as possible, no student is prevented from coming to study here on financial grounds.

Tuition charge 
The tuition charge for one year of undergraduate study for UK/EU students in their first year is £9,250 for 2017-18.  For students in subsequent years it is £9,000. You can access a loan from the UK government for the full amount of your tuition fee, which you only need repay once you leave your course and earn above a certain amount.

Full details of the University's tuition charges and financial support, including fee levels for international students, and of support available from the government and other sources, can be found on the University's Fees and funding pages.

Living costs
At St John's, students benefit from reasonably-priced accommodation and meals for the duration of their course. Read more about fees and living costs at St John's in the pages on Accommodation and Food and drink

In terms of government support, UK students can access a basic maintenance loan towards their living costs regardless of household income level, and students with a household income of less than £42,875 are eligible to access a variable non-repayable bursary of up to £3,700. 

St John's scholarships and grants
The College offers a scholarship to support international undergraduates in financial need from developing countries. For more information see the page Grants, prizes and scholarships

The College is able to offer additional Grants, prizes and scholarships for various expenses relating to your studies, such as books, field-courses and travel in connection with special studies, projects and dissertations.

Additional College fee
Full-time UK and EU undergraduate students taking their first publicly-funded course of Higher Education and eligible for public funding do not pay an additional College Fee. Some other undergraduates (for example, those from overseas and not a member of an EU country) are required to pay a College Fee, currently £7,350. College Fees are in addition to those of Oxford University. More information can be found on the University's Fees and funding pages. It is each student's responsibility to check whether they are eligible for public funding and whether they are required to pay the College Fee.