The SJC Women's Network can offer career advice at any stage in your career

So, you’re thinking about your future career? Here’s how the Women’s Network can help.

The University’s Career Service 

The best place to start, especially if you're a current student or recent graduate, is the University’s Career Service. They have lots of helpful information that is well researched and can even offer appointments with specialist career advisers.

Some helpful links include:

Think you need more information?

Keep an eye out for our informal careers events where you can hear from members of the alumni community, who often speak about their journey from students to working in their field. Keep an eye out for these on our website, in newsletters and on social media

If you’re a postgraduate, you could consider signing up for the Women’s Leadership Programme.

Start networking using online tools available to you

LinkedIn is a great place to start looking around to see what other fellow members of St John’s are up to, and the Career’s Service has a helpful guide to networking. You can join our LinkedIn groups for all alumni and for women [coming soon].

One-to-one guidance

Once you’ve taken these steps and have an idea of where you’re headed, you may want an open and frank conversation with someone who works in the field(s) that you are interested in. You can email the Alumni Relations team ( or the Women’s Network ( with some information about yourself and the field that you want to go into and we’ll find a member of our alumni community who works in that field to connect you with.  

You could have an informal email interaction where you get answers and advice to some basic questions, or you could enter into a more formal mentoring relationship that is sustained over a period of time. It really is up to you, but if you want the support, we’re able to provide it, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.