St John's students and staff can print via a website to the mono printers located in the JCR, MCR and Library & Study Centre.

The College currently provides mono printing to current members free of charge for academic use (and reasonable social printing). 

Print jobs can be submitted via a web interface in the form of PDFs, Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents, text files and some other common file formats. 

Submitted print jobs can then be 'released' at one of the four printing locations.

1. The basement of the Library & Study Centre building for all members of St John's.

2. The JCR Lounge (TW3) for undergraduate members of College.

3. The MCR building (upper level) for post-graduate members of College.

(For law students there is also a printer in the Law Library).

If jobs are not released within 14 hours of being submitted they are removed from the system.  

This system helps reduce the amount of wasted paper and printer toner used in college.

For common problems with printing please see the advice/FAQ at the bottom of the page.

To print via the web:

Open a web browser and go to

Papercut Login screen

To login your username is the same as your SSO (e.g. sjoh9999) however the printing system uses it’s own passwords.

Your initial password will be your 7 digit barcode number from your University card. (It’s the number in the lower right of the card above the barcode.)

(To change your password please see the section below. For security it’s recommended you do not use the same password as you do for your normal SSO). 

Papercut web print main webpage

To submit a document (or documents) next, on the window which appears, click on the ‘Web Print’ icon at the bottom of the column of icons on the left.

On the next screen click on the green ‘Submit a Job >>’ button. 

Papercut submit a job screen

You will then be able to choose if you want to print single or double sided.

To do so click on one of the two virtual printers ‘caxton\webprint double sided’ or ‘caxton\webprint single sided’.

Then click on the green '2. Print Options and Account Selection >>’ button at the bottom right to continue. 

Papercut choose printer and sides screen

You can then choose how many copies you want. The maximum allowed is 5. By default it will just print one copy of each document. Click on the green ‘3. Upload Documents >>’ to continue. 

Papercut number of copies screen

You will now see the ‘Upload’ screen.

Here you can either drag and drop your files onto the ‘Drag files here’ square to add them or alternately you can click on ‘Upload from computer’ and it will open a ‘file’ window to allow you to choose the files you want (in the same way as opening a document in something like Word).

You can drag multiple files (or select multiple files). They will all appear above the box. 

The system can cope with PDF, Word, Excel and a number of other common file formats. For document format which are not supported (or if you are using non- standard fonts in your document) we recommend that first you generate a PDF version and then upload that. Windows 10 and MacOS can generate PDFs automatically from any program which can print. If you need help with this please email it-

Once you have all the files you wish to print uploaded click on the green ‘Upload & Complete’ button. 

Papercut upload documents screen

You will see the system now ‘renders’ each job (preparing it for printing) and holds it in a queue. Jobs will be held in the queue for up to 12 hours and then will disappear.

To ‘release’ a job (and actually print it) you need to go to one of the printing locations (currently in the Library & Study Centre basement, the JCR for Undergraduates and the MCR for Graduates) and login to the ‘Release Terminal’ located by the printer.

Papercut viewed jobs

You can logout of the system by going to your username at the top right of the window, clicking on it and then selecting ‘Log out’ from the drop down menu item which appears. 

Releasing a print job:

Go to one of the three release terminals currently located by the printers in the basement of the Library & Study Centre, the JCR Lounge (TW3, for Undergraduates only) or the MCR (upper floor of the MCR building, for Graduate students only).

At the release terminal login with your SSO username and printing password (the same as you used to submit the print jobs). 

Papercut Release Terminal Login Screen

You will see a list of print jobs pending release. Any jobs submitted over 14 hours ago will have disappeared and are no longer available for printing.

You can either click on “Print All’ to print all the jobs or you can print them one at a time by clicking ‘Print’ next to each one. (You can also cancel any jobs you no longer wish to print). 

Papercut Release Terminal Queue Screen

Once all jobs have been finished it will automatically log you out. You can also click on ‘Log Out’ if you want to leave some print jobs for later.

Changing your printing password:

Browse to

Login with your SSO username (e.g. sjoh9999) and your printing password (which is initially your University card barcode number).

On the left of the window click on the ‘Change Details’ icon. 

You will then be able to type in a new password (twice) and click on the green ‘Change Password’ button.

If you forget your password please contact us at and we can reset it for you (back to your barcode number). 

For security it’s recommended you do not use the same password as you do for your normal SSO. 

Web Printing common problems and FAQ:

Problem: There is no paper in one of the printers.

Answer: Please contact Domestic Stores (not the IT Office) for more paper. 

Please do not use paper out of a notepad as the glue from the edge of the pages builds up on the rollers and leads to lines, marks and smudges appearing on the printouts. Please turn off the printer (using the front power button) until more paper has been added.  In the RE building if one of the printers is turned off the other printer should take over when releasing print jobs automatically. 

Problem: The printer is jammed.

Answer: Please turn the printer off using the front power button and report it immediately to

Please do not try to fix the jam yourself.

In the RE building if one of the printers is turned off the other printer should take over when releasing print jobs automatically. 

Problem: The printer is out of toner - how can I get it fixed?

Answer: Please report this to Domestic Stores and they can provide a new toner for it. Please turn off the printer (using the front power button) until more paper has been added.  

Problem: The print out looks different to my original Word document. 

Answer: This can happen due to differences in the fonts installed on our print system (for example if you use non standard fonts and often if printing from a Mac). The print system may not have the same fonts you used. The workaround is to either create a PDF of the document first on your computer and then submit that for printing or in Word use the ‘Save fonts with document’ option.

(To save fonts in Word please see )

Problem: I can not connect to  

Answer: You need to be on the St John's or Oxford University wired network or connected over Eduroam or OWL wireless networks to get to the printing website.

If you are trying to connect from a cafe, 3G/4G or another ISP please first connect to the Oxford VPN system. For more details on VPN please see the IT Services VPN webpage.

Problem: I can’t login or I’ve forgotten my password.

Answer: Please email from your email address and we can reset your password and check you are on the system (as some Freshers may not be registered if your University card was delayed).

Problem: How can I print just a few pages of my document.

Answer: The print system only prints full documents so it’s best to first save the pages you want as a PDF and then submit that PDF to the web printing system.

Problem: How can I print from a program that is not recognised (such as SPSS).

Answer: The print system only supports some document types. To print from other applications save as a PDF and then submit that PDF to the web printing system.

Problem: How do I save my document first as a PDF?

Answer: You can create PDF from any program which can print as standard on the Mac and Windows 10.

For Windows 10 please see:

For MacOS please see: 

On Windows 7 or 8 you have to install a third party PDF printer to create PDF files. There are many programs to do this and some, such as CutePDF, are free. For more details please see the CutePDF webpage at

(Note the above links go to external third party websites which may contain adverts.)