Undergraduate Admissions Feedback

This page details our interview feedback policy

Who is eligible to receive feedback?

The College will give feedback on applications for:

  • Candidates who have not been shortlisted for the interviews.
  • Candidates who have been rejected after having been interviewed.

Candidates who have received an offer from this college, or any other college in Oxford will not be given feedback other than numeric test scores.

When to ask for feedback

You can ask for feedback between 10th January and 6pm on 15th February.

When will feedback be received?

Following the expiry of the deadline on 15th February, requests for feedback will be assessed in subject batches. We will aim to respond to these requests within 20 working days of the expiry of the deadline.

How to ask for feedback

Feedback can only be requested via the standard form request, a link to which will be provided when the feedback form is open for the 2024 application cycle. This will go live on the 10th January 2024. Following submission of the form a pop-up message will confirm that the request has been received. No further acknowledgements will be sent.

What information is given in response to feedback requests

We will give test scores, interview scores, written work scores and rankings as appropriate. Tutors are unable to go into special details about interview performance, or to give comments about written work. We are unable to give advice about reapplication.

Confidentiality Guarantee

We can give the assurance that feedback will only be sent to the candidate so any requests for feedback must come directly from this source. Candidates should ensure that the response e-mail address is the one used by them during the application process. Feedback will never be sent to any third party such as a school, a parent, or a referee without the written permission of the candidate. Candidates wishing to give permission for third party access to this information should e-mail sarah.jones@sjc.ox.ac.uk

Subject Reports

A number of departments/faculties publish admissions report on their websites, so we would advise you to check the website of the relevant department directly to see if they have made their admissions report public.