The decisions for 2024 entry will be released on 9 January before midday. Information will be released via UCAS Track early in the morning and we will follow up with a direct e-mail communication giving the outcome of your application.

On receiving an offer there is a lot to take in. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions. If you need more information or help contact the Undergraduate Admissions Officer Sarah Jones. I am always happy to answer your questions or put your mind at rest.

I don’t understand my offer
This is a fairly common problem especially if your offer involves more than one type of qualification, for example a mixture of A Levels and Pre-U subjects. I am always happy to answer any questions about individual offers, so please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can talk things through.

What do I do about sending in certificates?
Please don’t send any originals through the post as they could get lost. If your offer asks you to provide evidence of certification, then please send in verified scans by email. You can get your scans verified by someone at your school. The best way to do this is for them to send an email confirming that your scans are true copies of the original documents, or that they are consistent with the school’s own records.

I don’t understand the English language requirements on my offer
If your offer asks you to provide evidence of English language proficiency please check here.

Can I drop a subject that is not essential to my offer?
If you would like to drop a subject that is not essential to your offer, we do not have a problem with this. All we would ask is that you let us know your intentions so we can keep your file up to date. However, I would suggest that you discuss this with your teachers and check with any other institutions with which you also hold an offer so they can give their view.

What about accommodation?
At St John’s accommodation for incoming students is allocated by the Domestic Office. There is no application process, so nothing to worry about here.  A room will be ready for you when you arrive in October.  For more information look at our Accommodation pages.

What if I need alternative arrangements to be made?
Anyone who has entered a disability code on their UCAS form will be contacted by the College Office to discuss any arrangements that need to be made. If you have not entered a disability code but feel you might need alternative arrangements, please contact me with full details.

When will I get my reading list?
Some subjects such as English and some of the Modern Languages like to send out their lists in April but most will be ready to view on our Student Support pages when they go live at the end of June. You will be sent a log-in and a password when we are about to go-live.

Something has gone wrong, e.g.  illness, problems at school, problems at home
If you encounter any problems that could affect your performance in examinations, or lead to your having special requirements when you arrive, please make sure you tell your teachers and your exam board, then get in touch with me. If you are having medical problems we would really appreciate a note from your GP or specialist. Please do not wait until after your results to tell us about a problem that you feel might have affected your performance in exams.

What happens about exam results? What if there is a problem?
A Levels
This year for those studying for ‘A’ Levels and Scottish Highers the result assessments will be published in mid-August. If there are any issues arising from your assessed grades, please get in touch with me immediately on 01865 277317 so we can discuss your case.

We appreciate that exam boards for qualifications other than ‘A’ Levels are operating different systems during the current circumstances and may have results/assessments earlier than mid-August. Please let me know as soon as you have your results, don’t rely on them filtering through from your exam board. This is especially important for those taking non-UK examinations. If you have not met your offer, please let me know as soon as you can, but do be aware that we are unable to make any final decision on your case until after A Level results have been processed.

What about finance?
You should start to investigate your financial situation as soon as possible, to avoid delays and uncertainty. Finance can be a complex business so we would recommend that you approach the experts should you need any help.  The University’s Fees and funding pages can help with any queries and advice about Bursaries.

Confused about Fee Status?
UK? EU? Islands? or Overseas?  The University’s Student Funding link team can help with this too. If you have any doubts about your status, I can arrange for them to send you a simple questionnaire that will sort this out. Let me know if you need this.

What happens if I need a Student Visa?
If you need to apply for a Student Visa, the University’s Student Immigration team will be in touch with details of how the process works. In April I will be in touch with a financial guarantee form, which you will need to return to the College by the end of June. To help with the application process I would urge that you do the following:

  • Make sure that your passport is not about to run out around the time you will be making your application.
  • Start gathering your supporting financial information, such as bank statements or scholarship confirmations in good time.
  • Keep any original documents such as examination certificates safe and easily accessible in case you are asked to produce them at your visa interview.

When will I get my Fresher Pack?
In mid-late August the Fresher Pack will be emailed to you, giving links to all the important information and your Student Contract. Please see that you sign and return your Student Contract as soon as you can.

When must I arrive?
The arrival date for new students is usually the first Sunday in October, but this will be confirmed when you receive your Fresher Pack information in August.

What do I need to bring?

Please see St John's Residence Arrangements for a complete guide. You do not need to bring any bedding as this is provided. Also please make sure that you have appropriate insurance for any high-value items such as computers and phones.

What about....?

Over that last few years we have had, Brexit, Covid and the Invasion of Ukraine. We are aware that international and domestic events and political situations can change rapidly and sometimes unexpectedly. The university website ( ) will always keep everyone up to date should any major/unexpected events have an impact on the University, applicants, offer holders or current students.

See our New undergraduate students page for more information.