Find out what being a member of the St John's community means to this alumna

Dr Christine Narramore (1990, DPhil Theoretical and Physical Chemistry)

What was it like being a woman while you attended St John’s?

I was a graduate student and felt fortunate for that as the MCR was 50% women and we had all proved ourselves elsewhere. For the undergraduates, St John’s could still be intimidating for women were slightly in the minority and dealing with over confident privately educated Male students. Although I did find the all women self- defence classes a real place for bonding.

What do you think St John’s will look in 40 years’ time?

A place where all students can really achieve. Hopefully from a really diverse range of backgrounds, disabilities and races. And still having some traditions along with the totally new ways of working and having fun.

If you could give one piece of advice to current female students of St John’s, what would it be?

Don’t set a time limit on when you should have achieved. Life is a tapestry full of lots of different kinds of achievements not all of them financial or given their full value by society yet. But you can achieve,and it’s probably not too late. Oh and we all feel like imposters sometimes.