Bainton Road Nursery provides places for up to 26 babies and young children of College and University staff and students.

Bainton Road Nursery

Located beside St John’s Sports Ground off Bainton Road in north Oxford, the Nursery incorporates a range of state-of-the-art facilities while being homely, warm and welcoming for babies and young children up to the age of five.

Nick Bradley, architect for Savills Ltd (UK), who designed the Nursery said, ‘We developed the design following much discussion with nursery experts, College parents, and local residents. The architectural features illustrate how we have incorporated the needs of each group. For example, the building has a low, living green roof, using sedum which will change colour with the seasons and afford neighbours uninterrupted views onto the St John’s Sports Ground beyond, while also helping retain privacy inside the building. For the comfort of staff and children, the roof incorporates innovative conical-shaped roof lights which will bathe the nursery in natural light while reducing the impact of direct sunlight. They also enhance temperature control by allowing warm air to escape as required. Other special architectural features including a telescopic glazed facade that disappears into a pocket to frame a picturesque view of the St John’s Sports Ground; plus a “quiet room” that has dual use as a cinema. I suspect, though, that the children may well enjoy most a “secret garden” which has child-sized tiered “amphitheatre” seating.'

Bainton Road Nursery

St John’s staff and students have priority for places for their children, but staff and students of the University may also apply for places. Staff and students wishing to apply for a place should email the Nursery Manager.

The Nursery has its own website here.

Bainton Road Nursery is a separate business entity and a fully-owned subsidiary company of St John’s College.

Architecture photos: Nicholas Bradley RIBA (Savills (UK) Ltd). Children photos: Lee Atherton.