The latest fees for Bainton Road Nursery
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Non-refundable administrative start-up fees: £200

Fees are to be paid on a monthly basis.
Calculated as weekly fee, multiplied by 48 weeks (number of weeks nursery is open during the year) divided by 12 months. To give equal monthly payments.

We have two fee bands for families affiliated with St John's College and Oxford University:

St John's College

Under two years: £1149.14

Over two years: £1138.09

Oxford University

Under two years: £1436.42

Over two years: £1422.61

The Government nursery education funding of 15 or 30 hours will be deducted for eligible children.

Additional Charges

Additional sessions fee (extra full day): £65.00

Late collection fee of £22 per additional 15 minutes.

Late payment fee of £55, plus daily interest of 3% above the Bank of England base rate charged on the outstanding amount.