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Data Protection

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Conditions for non-electronic publication of images of the college and of college property

  • Reproductions may only be used in the publication and in the specific edition described below.
  • Permission is for non-exclusive, single use only.
  • The College retains the publication right, and in some cases the copyright, in the subject of the reproduction.
  • Acknowledgement of permission for use of the image must be made as follows "By permission of the President and Fellows of St John’s College, Oxford".
  • Should other editions of the publication or publications in any other form or medium (including publicity for the publication described below) ever be considered, permission must be sought by writing to the College Librarian of St John’s College, Oxford.
  • E-versions of the above described publication in the form of e-books or ejournals will also be granted permission (in perpetuity) by completing the college’s Image Publication Request Form (Electronic).
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain any necessary consent to reproduce images from the owner of the copyright in the materials photographed. A copy of such consent may be requested by the Librarian.
  • A copy of the publication in which the reproduction appears must normally be presented to the College Library.
  • Permission may be withdrawn if any part of these conditions is infringed.  A reproduction fee may be charged for commercial publications.

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