Alumnae from different generations share their thoughts on being an alumna

Date 19 March 2020

As we celebrate 40 Years of Women, we have been asking what being a member of the St John's community means to you

In 1979, the first women matriculated as students of St John's.

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As part of the 40 Years of Women celebrations, we've been finding out about what being an alumna means to the community of St John's. Alumnae from across the generations have shared their thoughts.

Dr Christine Narramore (1990, DPhil Theoretical and Physical Chemistry) remembers that "for the undergraduates, St John’s could still be intimidating, for women were slightly in the minority". Read more from Christine here

When looking to the future, Kate Buzicky (2002, MPhil Economic and Social History) says that she hopes that St John's "will be full of diverse kinds of people doing serious academic work". She says that she is "proud of St John’s for making efforts to improve access". Read more from Kate here

Sarah GoodenoughSarah Goodenough (2014, BA History) has fond memories of St John's, saying the College was "an absolutely fantastic community" and that she was "surrounded by strong and inspiring women willing to make a difference and change the world". She also commented that "whilst the University as a whole felt very male-dominated, St John's felt like home". Read more from Sarah here

Joanne Harrison-Gross.pngThe alumnae have also shared pieces of advice. For instance, Joanne Harrison Gross (1981, BA Medieval & Modern Languages) implores students to "use and enjoy the College’s wonderful sports facilities" saying "I have spent the last thirty years in Germany and France - the ability to integrate in other societies through sport should not be underestimated". Read more from Joanne here

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