The University and College wireless network use a connection protocol called 802.1X which uses special security principals which are not supported on a number of home (consumer) devices. Universities which use eduroam (and most of them do) are all using 802.1X for connections.

As only devices which support 802.1X authentication work with the eduroam WiFi system we have tried to compile a list of wireless home devices that do not work in College. 

This list is forever changing as more and more WiFi only devices are created. Some devices have the option of using a cable, the XBox and PS4 are two of these and if you use the cable to connect in your room (where available) it will work (you will need to register such devices via email to to register them). The Amazon Alexa Echo only uses wireless and consequently will not work in College. 

Please bear this in mind when deciding to bring devices to use in your College bedroom.

The following devices do not work on the University wireless network:

Smart TV’s

Amazon Fire Stick & Amazon Fire Amazon Alexa (Echo)

Google Chromecast

Google Chromebook



Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Switch




Apple TV

Apple time capsule

Sonos Speakers

This is not an exhaustive list, please ensure all devices support 802.1X (not to be confused with 802.11)

If your device does not support 802.1X then you are encouraged to write to the manufacturer to see if they can add that functionality in a later firmware release or model.  For example early Kindles did not support 802.1X and could not be used on eduroam WiFi but later model do support it and can connect.