St John's College Oxford
This is where we keep you up-to-date with the progress of our admissions process.

UCAS deadline 15 October 2018
Your UCAS form should reach us on or shortly after 23 October. If there are any delays with the transfer of this information we will keep you informed. We will acknowledge your application by email, so check your inbox and junk folders regularly.

Written work
The deadline for the submission of written work is 10 November. Instructions about how and where to send written work will be given in the acknowledgement email.

Acknowledgement of applications
We hope to be able to send acknowledgement e-mails on Tuesday 23 October.

Invitations to interview

  • Biology                                                         9-Nov
  • Fine Art                                                        9-Nov
  • Music                                                            9-Nov
  • Biochemistry                                               13-Nov
  • Law                                                              16-Nov
  • Archaeology & Anthropology                   19-Nov
  • Computer Science                                    20-Nov
  • Computer Science and Philosophy         20-Nov

Getting here, traffic and parking
For full details of how to get to Oxford, parking and live traffic information see our Visit Us page.

Christmas Tree in St Giles

If you find the Christmas tree in St Giles’ Street, you will have found us too.