Undergraduate accommodation

The College provides accommodation for all its undergraduates for the duration of their course, which creates a sense of community across year and subject groups.
Beehive North Quad The Beehive

Student accommodation at St John's is among the most affordable in the University. For 2023-24 rents range from £1088.28 to £1340.41 per term, depending on the grade of the room. Details are available in the Domestic Arrangements document. An additional fixed charge of £254.52 per term is payable for general provision of services. 

The University provides a list of rents  and other charges in each College for the current academic year, should you wish to compare rents in other colleges.

First year students are allocated a room in College. These are usually in either Thomas White Quad, known as 'Tommy White', or in the Beehive, so-called for its innovative architecture. Pictures of these rooms are in the Gallery below.

Thomas White quad

Tommy White Quad is built around a grass lawn and also houses the College Bar.

All rooms in College have their own fridge and most have a hand basin. They share a bathroom with other rooms on their staircase. All rooms allocated to first year students have access to a shared kitchen.

Second and third year students choose their room from a variety of sizes and prices available. The order in which people choose is decided by a ballot to ensure it is fair. Some of the best rooms are in Garden Quad. These are usually chosen by third year students. They are large and have a basin, fitted wardrobes and a shared bathroom nearby.

Opened in 2010, Kendrew Quad is one of the newest parts of College and the rooms here are highly sought after by undergraduates in their final year. Kendrew Quad contains 70 student bedrooms, 30 of which are for undergraduates. All are ensuite and have access to very good kitchens. 

Some second and third year students choose to live in houses off the main college site, in a street immediately behind Tommy White Quad. These houses are owned by the College. Students often share a house with a group of 5-8 friends. The houses are nice Victorian buildings with good bathroom facilities and a kitchen that’s often used as a social area.

The Junior Common Room has produced this helpful guide to accommodation at St John's and there is more information on the JCR website.

Undergraduate accommodation

student in room

Internet access
All rooms are equipped with wi-fi or ethernet connections.

Washing machines and driers are widely available across the College and operated by a prepaid card, except machines in Kendrew Quad, which are operated by contactless payment. Sheets and duvet covers are supplied and laundered by the College. 

Guest rooms
There are two twin-bedded ensuite rooms for the use of guests of current students. Please note that it is not possible to accommodate children under 16 in these rooms.

Additional needs
The College can provide accommodation for students with disabilities or other needs. See Health and Welfare for more information.