Artists in Residence

In Trinity Term, the College invites a professional artist to be our Artist-in-Residence. They are always keen to interact with the students, and at the end of term they display the work they have developed here.

Rachel Pimm

This Trinity Term, we welcome Rachel Pimm as our Artist-in-Residence. Rachel is a research-based artist searching for the origin of things, telling material stories, looking for the political - the feminist, queer, sick, and de-colonial - in the animal, vegetable, and mineral. Their work is often collaborative and has been presented with the Serpentine Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, and Royal Academy in London, and art centres in the US and around Europe. Rachel is supported by Artangel’s inaugural Making Time programme, in response to the climate emergency and works as Associate Lecturer at Camberwell College, UAL. They are 2024 graduate mentor at Hospitalfield House, Arbroath, Scotland.

Previous year's Artists-in-Residence

  • 2023 Lara Smithson drawing, costume, video, installation and sculpture
  • 2022 Uriel Orlow installation, photography, film, drawing, sound and gardens
  • 2021 No appointment
  • 2020 No appointment
  • 2019 Anna Barham visual art, writing and performance art
  • 2018 Azadeh Fatehrad visual art
  • 2017 Edward Thomasson visual and performance art
  • 2016 Ross Sinclair visual art, writing, video art
  • 2015 Gareth Jones visual art, video art
  • 2014 Ciara Phillips visual art
  • 2013 Chloe Dewe Mathews photography
  • 2012 Corin Sworn visual art, film, performance art
  • 2011 Jordan Baseman visual art, film
  • 2010 Zeena Parkins music
  • 2009 Robert Beavors and Mary Lum film, interdisciplinary (drawing, installation, still & moving images)
  • 2008 Matmos (Andrew Daniel & Martin Schmidt) music and performance
  • 2007 Oliva Plender, DD Dorvillier and Victor Morales visual art/writing, dance/choreography, video art
  • 2006 Grace Weir film, installation
  • 2005 Wendy Ramshaw jewellery
  • 2004 Joe Winkelman printmaking
  • 2003 Alex Cox and Tod Davies film
  • 2002 Sophy Rickett photography
  • 2001 No appointment
  • 2000 Hughie O'Donoghue painting

Artists in Residence