St John's purpose is clear: to educate, to research, to enable and to foster collegial relationships internally and externally to the College. As the College moves forward, there will be specific focus on four main areas in order to build even stronger foundations for success and to accelerate progress.

St John’s College was founded in 1555 at a time of great political and religious upheaval and during a period when intellectual life flourished, stimulated by the wider dissemination of print and the development of new scientific and artistic ideas. 

Today we face social and technological change that seems just as challenging and far-reaching. St John’s core purpose to support excellence in teaching and research remains at its heart; yet we need to reach beyond this to ensure we meet the changing needs of a global society and continue to grow and develop as one of the world’s leading academic institutions, increasingly in competition with European, North American and Asian universities. 

This document sets out our vision for the next three years. Colleagues and alumni have offered their advice and robust feedback on the College’s current position. They have encouraged us to be ambitious in our intellectual aims and, underpinned by our financial independence, to build on our track record of enabling achievement and move forward in improving opportunities for access to an Oxford education for all with the potential to benefit. 

Sir Thomas White would be amazed at how St John’s has developed over the past 464 years, but his original values and purposes are just as relevant to the College – and to contemporary society today.

Introduction, Strategic Plan

Read the Strategic Plan 2019-22 here.