Jirawan Urbanski is a Scout at St John’s. She looks after undergraduates and graduates in Garden Quad.
Jirawan Urbanksi.jpg

I am from Bangkok in Thailand, a city that has changed dramatically since I came to Banbury to study English in 1992. I started to work at St John’s at the beginning of February in 2007 and have been working here happily ever since. The working environment is comfortable and my colleagues and the students are friendly and supportive. Although the work is tough sometimes, being surrounded by lovely people has always brightened my days in College. 

I wanted to wear Thai clothes for my portrait – the top and skirt are silk and I love them. I really enjoy summer here and chose to be photographed in the College gardens where the trees are so beautiful. Life in the UK has not always been easy, but I’m very pleased to have been recognised and included in this project.