We’re currently in the process of carrying out significant alterations and refurbishment works to our Porters’ Lodge in Front Quad on St Giles.

The work we’re carrying out will ensure that our new Lodge is tailored to meet the needs of a modern College entrance space, as well as providing improved disabled access, and spaces for our vital Lodge staff. 

Our new Lodge will open later this year: 

  • Improving accessibility for all visitors to College
  • Opening up the main gates to provide a view of Grade-I listed Front Quad
  • Providing a reception area where our Porters can welcome students, staff and visitors
  • Improving storage space and access for deliveries

We will be creating an entrance arrangement that meets the modern demands of the College and improves the arrival experience for all. The new design of the Lodge will:

  • Allow the main gate doors on St Giles to be semi-open throughout the day, creating a more welcoming, open and accessible entrance to the College. 
  • Improve flow into the College, through more clearly directing traffic into the new, more spacious Lodge. 
  • Improve the direct connection between Porters and students, extending the level of pastoral care. 
  • Provide much-needed storage spaces for deliveries and parcels and improve the visual appearance of the space that welcomes visitors to College.

While the works are in progress access to the College is currently via the gate in Dolphin Quad, and a temporary Lodge has been set up on the pathway outside the Lodge on St Giles.