Organisational information, locations, and contacts, constitutional and legal governance

St. John’s College is an eleemosynary chartered charitable corporation aggregate. The corporation comprises the President and Fellows. The College was founded on 1st May 1555 as a perpetual college of learning sciences, sacred theology, philosophy and good art (“collegium perpetuum eruditius scientiarum sacre theologie et philosophie ac bonarum artium”). It is sited in St. Giles’, Oxford, OX1 3JP

The Governing Body of the College consists of the President and the Fellows. This Body is constituted and regulated in accordance with the College Statutes, the terms of which are enforced ultimately by the Visitor, the Bishop of Winchester.  The College Statutes are as made from time to time by Order of Her Majesty in Council, in accordance with the Royal Charter of 1555, and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act 1923. The College is regulated by the Charities Commission.

  • The College Statutes and College By-Laws are available on the Statutes and By-Laws section of this website.
  • College Officers: Academic Staff in hard copy in the Oxford Calendar and on the People section of this website.
  • Admissions: St. John’s offers college places to undergraduates and postgraduates who are admitted by the University. Further information may be found in the College Prospectus and in the Study section of this website.
  • Teaching: St. John’s provides undergraduate teaching; provides a college adviser for graduates; and graduate supervision. Details are set out in the printed Prospectus.
  • Research: St. John’s employs research staff, provides Fellowships for professors, lecturers and others, and supports research financially and through its facilities.
  • Student Services:  set out in the Student handbook available on the Current students pages; hard copy (fee) and the Health and welfare section of this website.
  • Chapel: St. John’s has a chapel and an Anglican chaplain. Details are set out on the Chapel page of this website and in hard copy (termly Chapel Card).
  • Funding: set out in detail in College accounts which are accessible in the Finance and funding section of the Oxford University website; information on income, expenditure, assets and liabilities are also available in the Finances section of the Oxford University website.
  • Development and Alumni: Please see the Alumni section of this website, from where the Annual report on Benefactors is available to download as a PDF. 
  • Conferences, Summer Schools and other related activities – please see the Conference section of this website.