Current written protocols for delivering our functions and responsibilities

The College’s current objectives and strategic priorities are set out annually in the Report of the Governing Body, incorporated in the College Accounts, and in the College's Strategic Plan. See also the University’s and the Conference of Colleges’ planning documents on their websites – to which the College subscribes, and in whose formulation the College was involved.

St John's College policies are available under the College policies section of this website.

  • The St. John’s Student handbook (fee) – sets out information about services, financial information and College regulations for St. John’s students. The Student handbook is available on the Current students section of this website.
  • College Student Contract – hard copy (fee)
  • Guidance on Confidentiality in Student Health and Welfare can be found on the Oxford University website.
  • Health and Safety and Fire and Safety policies– both available in hard copy (fee); Oxford University's policy statements on both are available on the Oxford University website.
  • Environmental considerations– further information can be found at The environment | St John's College, Oxford
  • Risk Management Policy – the major risks to which the College is exposed, as identified by the Governing Body, are regularly reviewed and systems are maintained to monitor and, where possible, reduce these risks.
  • The FOIA Publication Scheme is available on this website.
  • Data Protection – covered in GDPR Framework | St John's College, Oxford
  • Race Equality Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, Disability Equality Scheme, Gender Equality Scheme – please refer to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion page of this website.
  • Codes of Practice on Harassment – see the Harassment and Bullying Policy page of the Oxford University website and the relevant policy and flowchart under the College policies section on this website.
  • Parental Leave – St John’s College is committed to being an inclusive and diverse community and to ensuring the full participation of all its members, including parents and carers. Hence, wherever possible, arrangements will be made to support members with caring responsibilities to participate fully in the academic and social community of St John’s. The parental leave framework can be found under the College policies section on this website.

For further information visit the Oxford University Equality and Diversity page.

Information about Complaints and Appeals – on academic and other disciplinary matters – and the Conference of Colleges Appeal Tribunal are available on this website in the Student handbook which is available on the Current students page or in printed form (fee).