Strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, inspections and reviews

St. John’s College exists to provide and promote undergraduate and graduate education within the University of Oxford, and also to provide and promote university academic research. The College’s Strategic Plan 2019-22 | St John's College, Oxford sets out our purpose, vision and strategy.

An annual review of its operation and finances is set out in the College accounts which are accessible under the Finance and funding section of the Oxford University website.

Governing Body - in accordance with the College Statutes, the Governing Body is responsible for the administration and management of the College. Membership and information about members is set out under the People section of this website. Governing Body minutes are available on this webpage: Governing Body minutes | St John's College, Oxford

About the University

The Strategic Plan is available on the Oxford University website.

The University Administration Services are available on the Oxford University website.

The Conference of Colleges – planning and consultations, participation in University Committees and consultations – are available on the Conference of Colleges website (not available externally, only via Weblearn) or the Oxford University website.