40 Years of Women: Disability and Education

Watch the recording of our latest 40 Years of Women event on Disability and Education

The term ‘disability’ is in common use and the 2010 Equality Act recognises disability as a protected characteristic.  But do we yet really understand the needs of people with disabilities? The discussion will centre around the question of how well higher education fares in supporting students with disabilities.

This panel discussion, chaired by the President, Professor Maggie Snowling, invited alumnae of St. John’s to reflect on their experience as students and on what kinds of support have helped them in their future careers. 

The panel consisted of Dr. Helen Willis (2010, Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology), Senior Programme Administrator, University of Reading; Deb Sanders (1997, Medieval and Modern Languages), Data Architect, University of Oxford; Ruth Everard (1999, Jurisprudence), Managing Director of Dragonmobility.

This event is part of our 40 Years of Women: Aspiring towards Diversity and Equality at St John’s.