SJC Online: Fairies, Folklore and Fantasy Epic with Professor Carolyne Larrington

We are delighted to present the recording of this online event

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we have launched our SJC Online series to enable the Fellows of St John’s to connect with members of our community from wherever they are in the world.

On 3 November 2020, Professor Larrington talked about the ways in which her research has branched out beyond researching medieval Icelandic and Arthurian literature into various kinds of medievalisms – the study of the medieval in the modern period. 

In particular, she spoke about three recent projects: her book on British folklore, its enduring relevance and its mediation in modern culture; the 'Modern Fairies and Loathly Ladies' project in which musicians, poets, writers, and film-makers made new art from traditional tales; and finally, HBO's 'Game of Thrones' as a work of medievalism in epic fantasy, the subject of her latest book.

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